Core conversions are complex. But sharing your conversion with your members doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Keeping members informed of change is invaluable and maintains a personalized feeling of connection to your credit union. Synergent Marketing Services is here to guide your team to develop a comprehensive member communication strategy, recommend key messages to share, and implement a timeline to help get the word out quickly and efficiently.

Let’s work together to develop member communication campaigns that address your conversion with fun themes. Postcards, statement inserts, posters, newsletters, web, and branch messaging are great ways to effectively communicate new changes that benefit members.

"Working with Marketing Services at Synergent was one of the easiest parts of our core conversion. The Synergent team listened to our concerns and addressed each of them in the proposal to inform our membership base of our system upgrade. Both the creative design and their knowledge of what the members needed to hear leading up to the conversion were spot on!"
– Lynette Hazelton Marketing Director, Heart of Louisiana CU­

Interactive Conversion Newsletter

Using innovative digital tools, your credit union can provide a digital and interactive experience to its members, even from a distance. Get their attention by sharing valuable, timely content within modern interactive collateral, like your next newsletter or annual report. See how Synergent built Endurance's digital newsletter for their conversion!

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