Using innovative digital tools, your credit union can provide a digital and interactive experience to its members, even from a distance. Get their attention by sharing valuable, timely content within modern interactive collateral, like your next newsletter or annual report.

An interactive digital publication is an easy-to-navigate digital document that is able to incorporate animation, transitions, sound, even video. It essentially takes your content and creates responsive HTML that is a hybrid between a traditional, static document and a webpage. It brings your content to life and is viewable on any device—smartphone, tablet, and desktop—optimizing content for each.

Below are a few of our latest digital publications!

Annual reports and newsletters are often presented as interactive digital publications, but this medium can be used for nearly any type of multi-page document or brochure you wish to create! We have many themes that can be selected from off-the-shelf, or our team can help customize your project to reinforce your branding, design, and message. Transform any credit union document into a stunning, interactive online piece that members will remember.

“Members want to be informed and to access information quickly. Providing an engaging vehicle to share and convey proactive and pertinent content in a way that is a personalized experience for each member is key to creating a memorable connection.”

– Doug MacDonald Vice President of Marketing Services, Synergent

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